Walk Shimanto without Luggage

We leave big baggage, and we are light, and shall we see the sights?
 We yearned saying "please enjoy comfortable trip empty-handed" and started delivery to baggage custody, The Accommodations on that day! Please use everybody!
 If you like, come to our association by the following reception hours.
※Our association moved to the following new address from April 1, 2018.

<Shimanto City Tourism Association>
Former address / 383-15, Uyama, Shimanto-shi, Kochi ※Until March 31
From Access / Tosa Kuroshio Current railroad "Nakamura Station" a 5-minute walk

New address / 8-3, Ekimaecho, Shimanto-shi, Kochi ※From April 1
Go out Access / Tosa Kuroshio Current railroad "Nakamura Station" wicket,
     The left side of rotary in front

Delivery from the Kochi city started, too!
For more details, please see this.

List of charges

60 size 420 yen
80 size 420 yen
100 size 500 yen
120 size 770 yen
140 size 870 yen
160 size 970 yen
170 size 1,080 yen

※Size number is three sides of head (cm)
※In the case of delivery in Kochi-shi, in the case of delivery from the Kochi city to Shimanto City, rates are different from Shimanto City.

List of charges

160 size 500 yen

※Size number is three sides of head (cm)
※To 25 kg in weight

Deposit is not possible

(1) It is taken as cash, valuables, securities, passport, other valuables
(2) Ashes, mortuary tablet, overall artworks
(3) Animal
(4) Volatility or dangerous articles such as explosives and chemicals
(5) We might be offered for one of gun, swords and crime
(6) Thing giving off odor, corruption, thing which is easy to change in quality, dirty thing
(7) Possession carrying was forbidden by law
(8) It is admitted that we are not suitable for other storage