Recommended Cycling Route(Shimanto River Rental Cycles)

Half day course
Enjoy Cycling along the Shimanto River

You can ride bicycle to sightseeing spots in Shimanto city,
and we offer you a Electric Assist Bicycle with Navigation System.

Rental Fee

Electric Assist Bicycle Up to 5 hours: 2,000 yen ※※Should return before 17:30
City cycle/Mountain bike Up to 5 hours: 1,000 yen / 24 hours: 1,500 yen

Course details

Shimanto City Tourism Association

about 10 minutes

Shimantogawa Bridge(Red Iron Bridge)

about 10 minutes

Willow Grove and Field of Rape flowers

about 10 minutes

Sakura Zutsumi (cherry blossom view point)

about 10 minutes

Sada Chinkabashi Bridge

about 20 minutes

Ichijo Shrine

about 10 minutes

Shimanto City Tourism Association


Recommended cycling course

Let's relax in west Tosa♪

Start from Ekawasaki Station of the middle basin of Shimanto River, and course around three subsidence bridges.
 At first after, through Ekawasaki center, crossing bridge of the canoe building side; to the upper reaches. This way is narrow, but can enjoy Shimanto River leisurely as there is little traffic. Way to Nagaoi subsidence bridge and Nakahage subsidence bridge becomes way of sunshine filtering through foliage. You release bicycle leisurely, and please enjoy. As Nakahage subsidence bridge is subsidence bridge that only bicycle can pass to with person, we can relax. You should be able to meet in front in timing when train which batsusuikyo and railway bridge are seen in runs! Half house Tenman-gu Shrine is point that half house subsidence bridge is seen in over torii. Cow ogre passes to autumn festival on subsidence bridge.

Round-trip approximately 20km
The time required : about 2 hours 

Course details information

  • Ekawasaki Station
  • Canoe building
  • Nagaoi Chinkabashi Bridge
  • Nakahage Chinkabashi Bridge
  • You are deep water
  • Hage Chinkabashi Bridge
  • Hage Tenman-gu Shrine