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[summary] About traffic deregulation of subsidence bridge


We receive supporting beam subsidence of Iwama subsidence bridge that occurred on Saturday, November 11, 2017 and the later bridge check result, and Shimanto City regulates traffic of subsidence Bridge 3 Bridge to suffer from Shimanto River Motokawa.

・It continues Iwama subsidence bridge ..., and, by full-scale suspension of traffic, cancellation time is undecided. It is in a condition that some floor printing blocks were removed now. On sightseeing to Iwama teahouse
         I would like parking. Unique bench which reused floor printing block is established.

Only as for the vehicle more than 14t, closed Katsuma subsidence bridge ... vehicle gross weight (from May 31, 2018 17:00)

Only as for the vehicle more than 6t, closed three village subsidence bridge ... vehicle gross weight (from April 27, 2018)

・We are going to carry out reinforcement work for cancellation No thoroughfare from mouth indoor subsidence bridge, entire surface suspension of traffic (from August, 2010) this year

In addition, about Iwama, Katsuma, three village subsidence bridge, we seem to carry out detailed design for detailed investigation and lasting repair, but are undecided at at repair construction start time and completion time of repair.