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Support ticket lucky number announcement with lottery! [exchange was finished on October 14]


Sorry to have kept you waiting!

We release support ticket lucky number with lottery of Shimanto Civic Festival Shimanto Firework Display on Saturday, August 25 in this.

In addition, exchange of election prize is [until Wednesday, September 5 8:30 - Sunday, October 14 17:00].

When Shimanto City Tourism Association, Shimanto City government office, Nakamura Chamber of Commerce have loser ticket, on first-come-first-served basis, we change with one aloin product per one piece.
As, as for the exchange of prize of the first class - seventh class, it is in reception desk only in Shimanto City Tourism Association, have the wrong; please be careful so that there is not.


Reference: Shimanto City Tourism Association ☎0880(34) 1555 address: 8-3, Ekimaecho, Shimanto-shi Nakamura Station rotary