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Town of 41 degrees highest temperature Ekawasaki

Town of 42 degrees highest temperature Ekawasaki

The best heat in Japan! 41.0 degrees Celsius! (at the time of 2013)
 On August 12, 2013, observation in Japan recorded 41.0 degrees Celsius to become the highest temperature in history in AMEDAS Ekawasaki observatory. In addition, we observed 40.0 degrees Celsius on 13th, the following day and recorded the 40 degrees Celsius level for 4 consecutive days for the first time in Japan. (at the time of 2013)
 Ekawasaki is located in the northern part of Shimanto-shi, Kochi, and northwest faces with Ehime, and clear stream Shimanto River flows through central part. It was in inland and summer heat was severe and added to foehn phenomenon when wind from northwest blew, and sea breeze from the Pacific was hard to enter and was always known as "area where it was easy to be in high temperature" in Kochi.


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