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Facility information

Address/Saoka, Shimanto-shi, Kochi
It is about five minutes by car from Access/Nakamura Station

The details

 kummato was born as (1625) Nakamura in 1625, and it was the chief priest of family temple Zuio temple of long sect me region said to have been cathedral of the Tosa first before Yamauchi entry, but we were imprisoned for two generations by fights such as posthumous Buddhist names of feudal lord Tadayoshi Yamanouchi, and, for prison niarukoto seven years, we protected at any risk to fast, characters written in blood of text of a sutra desperately, and *shi did suicide in the autumn of 1670 with sitting at last on 10th for (1671) New Year holidays in 1671 for plan fast surukoto 49 days.
By the way, it is 47 years old.
 Shinto shrine is in Saoka and raises much faith as God of game, God that various examinations pass.