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Shinkichi Higuchi

Shinkichi Higuchi

Shinkichi Higuchi (1815-1870)

 We are born in house of squire (common soldier) of Hata-gun Nakamura (existing Nakamurakoshomachi, Shimanto-shi) in 1815.
 Want to be in study at 19 years old, and learn from enkintsurumei (omission or niece writing), and have errantry of nochi countries; and is ascetic practices in fencing, art of spear-fighting, gunnery.
 We become a disciple of large Ishigami shade style (oishishinkageryu) (Susumu Oishi) of Yanagawa, Chikugo (chikugoyanagawa) and we receive license (license) and open private school to Nakamura after the return, and pupil amounts to 1,000 at the age of 23. We successively hold follower of Hata, Kagami county and Kochi-jo Castle downtown area prefect.
 Is known as leader of loyalism party in western Tosa, in Kamigyo of feudal lord *ju (koju). After the lower prison (gegoku) of Zuizan Takechi, we advocated self-respect theory for corrective measure discussion of loyalism party. We are embedded with Boshin War and are promoted to out Igumi after the triumphant return.
 We became government affairs person of chief councillor of state Tokushima Univ. servant of a Buddhist temple in 1870, but, on June 14, the same year, die of illness in Tokyo. Age at death 56 years old.
 Grave exists in Mt. Shimanto City Habu (habu mountain), and circle of imatsukoensan includes well-known virtue monument (shotokuhi) by Hayao Shimamura admiral of the fleet composition.

  • [grave of Shinkichi Higuchi]
  • [well-known virtue monument by Hayao Shimamura admiral of the fleet composition][Shinkichi Higuchi: book of Oishi God shade style full mastership]

Encounter with Ryoma

 At the age of Ryoma, 16 years old, we made engagement (we join) forgetting squire Island certain person (stripe and supervise construction) for Shimanto River (tokawa) repair work in domain order in substitution for father, eight flat (to bee). The truth good luck was 36 years old. It was the master of only fencing dojo studio in those days in Nakamura, and he recommended lesson of large Ishigami shade style to Ryoma and told the various feudal clans situation or foreign circumstances.
[, during construction, there is tradition that there was pine that Ryoma took a nap in the right bank of Shimanto River (tokawa).]

  • [we cut sand exercise sword of form, weight same as difference charges sword:]
  • [Shinkichi Higuchi: book of Oishi God shade style full mastership]


[well-known virtue monument by Hayao Shimamura admiral of the fleet composition] After having become King Tsutomu Tosa party member, Ryoma gets the permission of feudal clan under the name of "fencing ascetic practices", and he leaves the country in Sanuki, Marugame.
We write down the truth good luck that knew true purpose of this trip deeply in diary "kenkenroku" (we hop and register) with "sakaryuhi*" (sakaryuhitou).
 We called that dragon which crouched down on ground, and saved power flew up "wadakamariryuhi*" (banryuhitou) before rising to the sky, but we saw through "slope dragon" and substitution, great ability of Ryoma, and the truth good luck expressed "wadakamariryu".

We meet and give Ryoma 1 yen (one)

 It is in diary "kenkenroku" of the truth good luck with "airyuumazoichien". The truth good luck that met Ryoma who did de-feudal clan again in Osaka-shi handed one (about 50,000 yen) to him whom there was at pole of the poverty.

Letter one month before assassination

 Ryoma who felt danger of the body sent letter of urgency to friend Kyohei Mochizuki (mochizukiseibei) of residence in Tokyo.
As "Oomi-ya whom there is now is dangerous, you ask Shinkichi Higuchi, and look for safe hideaway."
(the Ryoma Sakamoto Memorial possesses the original)
 However, the wish was not transmitted through Kyohei Mochizuki in the truth good luck for business trip busily to this feudal clan [Kochi] from the next day.
"Shinkichi Higuchi whom Ryoma trusted last"
 If desperate cry of Ryoma reached the truth good luck then, history might have changed.

 "Sand cut sword" favorite diary "kenkenroku" of "great man Shinkichi Higuchi" whom Nakamura gave birth to "figure of Tosa Hata-gun battery" is displayed in Shimanto municipal institution hometown museum. Please see by all means.

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