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Fuwa Hachiman shrine


Facility information

Address/1374-1, Fuba, Shimanto-shi, Kochi
Phone number/0880-35-2839
It is about ten minutes by car from Access/Nakamura Station

The details

 kansei did Yamashiro country Iwashimizu Hachiman shrine as Ichijo Family guardian deity as total local deity of Hata at the time of opening the Edo shogunate to Nakamura for manor management taking the opportunity of Onin War again, and, in Fuwa Hachiman shrine, Prince Ichijo is said to be original Yahata, Hirohata Yahata 520 years ago from now.
 Main hall received designation of important cultural property from cultural properties protection Committee of country on July 1, 1963, and repair was put by completion on start of work, December 31, 1941 on November 1, 1965.
 There are various kinds for Fuwa Hachiman shrine Shrine festival and it is at the south end of the west of Tosa of higamihen, and, judging from eyes of Ichijo Family which it is land of higamisusumi, and is one of Kyoto 5 families of the regent and the chief advisor to the Emperor, this located Hata district deepens the still feeling with thing suffering from the foundation of Ichijo culture even if it cannot be said to uncivilized land and teaches Isamu in Shinto ritual such as thicket sharks and we tuck in Hachiman shrine and Ichinomiya Shinto shrine wedding ceremony for festival Shinto ritual to correct manners and customs such as "wife or next" performed flourishingly in those days and perform and thing to impose for festival costs working-out uses product of the land and things of kyoo make it a principle to do simple economy with extremely plain thing and are performed grandly every year, and it is said that we performed living guidance of the general public public through Shinto ritual in this way.

Festival of Hachiman shrine

We wash mikoshi: Former July 14 (now Sunday about old no July 14)
Eve: The day of Respect for the Aged Day before last
Main festival: The day before of Respect for the Aged Day
Of Fuba Hachiman Shrine Festival when arrive, please see this.