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Fuba Hachiman Shrine Festival

 At the time of opening the Edo shogunate, kansei did Yamashiro country Iwashimizu Hachiman shrine as Ichijo Family guardian deity as total local deity of Hata again, and main hall received designation of important cultural property, and the dismantling construction was put for Nakamura for manor management taking the opportunity of Onin War Prince 1423 (Onin 2) Ichijo on November 1, 1965.
 There are various kinds for Fuwa Hachiman shrine Shrine festival, but it is said that, above all, they began the wedding ceremony of God to admonish barbarous customs of marriage by capture at the time and is Shinto ritual that is rare nationwide.


Saturday, September 19, 2020 15:00 annual festival

This year becomes only 1st from the viewpoint of prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease during cancellation of many events, annual festival period and we reduce scale from usual and are performed.
※Main event [dedication child sumo, dedication noh dance (Hata noh dance), horse rider, horseback archery, mikoshi Imperial tour, mikoshi alignment ceremony] to be called off


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