Will country Kochi late Tokugawa period revolution Expo

Shimanto, and Tosa's Ichijo Family
The Story of Little Kyoto,

We take a trip to clear stream Shimanto River

Shimanto River called "the last clear stream."
 We hang Shimanto City in the river mouth flowing into the lower valley and the Pacific from the middle basin and are located. Scenery "subsidence bridge" which represented Shimanto River was doing structure that was hard to fail at the time of flooding, and people cultivated river and wisdom to keep company with well taking a long time.
 In addition, good luck of rich river including sweetfish eel, river prawns green string lettuce and traditional fishing in a river are inherited. As for the Shimanto River, the whole basin is chosen by "cultural scenery" of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, but it is proof of accumulation of relations with person and nature as well as beauty of scenery.
 Shimanto City which river and living of person are very close in is "town which is valid with river".

Shimanto River way of enjoying color color
 Cycling, shape and scenery put sightseeing pleasure boat and canoe experience, riversides where river is felt close together in own style leisurely in season including various subsidence bridge circulation and take various way of enjoying.
 "Thus, city restaurant and road station, please taste food of Shimanto clogged up delicious thing of mountain, river, the sea including good luck and salt-bashing of natural river in by all means local shop including west Tosa".

We take a trip to Little Kyoto of Tosa
 Because Prince former kampaku Ichijo Norifusa runs feudal lord oneself manor taking the opportunity of the dilapidation of Kyoto by Onin War directly, and town of Shimanto City (old Nakamura) measures recovery, for bottoms to Nakamura of West Kochi in (1468) in 1468; did, and pointed at Kyoto and was made. In addition, it is said that rich forest resource of Shimanto River basin drains river and was used for progressing, the rebuilding of Kyoto Ichijo residence. Ichijo Family prospered afterwards for 106 years until we were driven to Bungo in (1574) in 1574 by Motochika Chosokabe. Younger brother, *ho of Kazutoyo Yamanouchi settled for the affairs of a feudal clan era, and Nakamura feudal clan of 3 Mangoku was born later.
 Town of Shimanto City (old Nakamura) with such history is called "Little Kyoto of Tosa". Building and cityscape leaving figure of former castle town do not remain, but the reluctance of leaving is felt in the place name such as grid-formed town street and Gion, Kyoumachi, Kamogawa, Higashiyama by the flooding and fire of Shimanto River, Nankai great earthquake disaster.

Town walk of Little Kyoto
 Including "Ichijo Shinto shrine told Nakamura Imperial Palace trace to have been erected important cultural property "Fuwa Hachiman shrine" of country," historic spot, cemetery related to Ichijo Family which city area is dotted with is seen.
 In addition, event, sacred rites to let you feel Little Kyoto culture "Fuba Hachiman Shrine Festival" (September) "Daimonji Okuribi(Great Bonfire Event)" (old calendar July 16) "Tosa Ichijo court noble line" (May) by season including "Ichijo Festival, sacred fire dedication line" (November) are performed.
Please see this about Little Kyoto of Tosa

Trip to conflict with the history of the revolution period by complete history and the late Tokugawa period of town which moved forward with river

We introduce person who played an active part in Shimanto City from the history of Little Kyoto beginning with Tosa Ichijo Family for the late Tokugawa period, the revolution period after the times by revolution Expo by the will country Kochi late Tokugawa period.

Shimanto municipal institution hometown museum
We are closed for renewal construction from January, 2017. Some opening begins on March 10, 2018. The full-scale opening plans February, 2019.
Of hometown museum overlooking city area pine park is famous spot of cherry tree in spring, and, as for stone wall or the fieldwork, there remains reluctance of leaving of the ex-site of castle in park to stand. We can take a walk through the park during hometown museum closing freely.
Telephone /088-35-4096 (as for the closed inquiry TEL 0880-34-7311)
Access / Shimanto trolley-bus hometown museum drop off walk two minutes
Address / 2356, Nakamura, Shimanto-shi (there is parking lot)

Shimanto municipal institution center public hall
"Shimanto special plan exhibition" is held from March 4, 2017 to the end of January, 2019. A part of the history document during hometown museum closing is seen here.
① We introduce person of the revolution period by revolution display Shinkichi Higuchi, Shusui Koutoku, far and near crane light Akira Kido, Ryosuke Yasuoka, Otojiro Satake, the late Tokugawa period including Shimamura lesser curvature (bowl to carry).
② We divide the history of "town which moved forward with river" into six themes from the beginning to the present age and replace display every four months and introduce complete history display.
Telephone /0880-34-7311
Business /9:00 - 17:00
   Without holiday (we replace display with the year-end and New Year holidays and take a rest during period)
Rate /200 Japanese yen
Getting off in front of Access / Shimanto trolley-bus center public hall is immediate
Address / 8-22, Uyamasatsukicho, Shimanto-shi (there is parking lot)

Is more fun on trip of Shimanto, comfortably

  • Circulation tour bus
    We go around Shimanto city - Sada subsidence bridge.
    Bonnet bus which is convenient for walk and Accommodations.
    It is free to do 1 diary rainfall for 500 yen.

    For business /GW, summer vacation, winter vacation, it travels in spring vacation
    Rate /500 Japanese yen (250 yen lower than primary schoolchild, infants for free)
    Inquiry / Kochi southwest traffic
    Telephone /0880-34-1266

  • Trip to Shimanto, Ashizuri area
    We see the sights in Shimanto, Ashizuri area tour sightseeing bus "Shimanto River bus" and "Shimanto, ashizuri"!
    Please enjoy local superb view magnificent by bus and trip of the history!

    Shimanto River bus
    Inquiry / Kochi southwest traffic
    Telephone /0880-34-1266
    Shimanto, ashizuri
    Inquiry / tosaden travel shimantoashizuri guide
    Telephone /0880-34-6221

  • Tamahime-like safe-conduct
    We distribute "safe-conduct" gaining privilege to target The Accommodations toward the staying.
    One article of service in city restaurant for example), sightseeing pleasure boat and Shimanto studies play building, rent-a-bicycle discount coupon

    Inquiry / Shimanto City Tourism Association
    Telephone /0880-34-1555

  • Tour taxi plan
    Comfortable plan to rotate by hospitality taxi including "sightseeing in subsidence bridge course" and "Explore Little Kyoto course."
    Rate /5900 Japanese yen ...

    <taxi company>
    Bell car for hire telephone /0880-34-2413
    Peaceful sightseeing taxi telephone /0880-34-1414
    Safe car for hire telephone /0880-35-3319
    It is car for hire telephone /0880-34-1313 though uncrowded
    Nakamura Hire (Taxi) telephone /0880-35-2188

    The hospitality taxi details are this

  • Rent-a-bicycle
    Rent-a-bicycle which is recommended to Shimanto River walk. We return freely in each terminal.
    There is baggage delivery plan to The Accommodations in Sightseeing Association.

    Inquiry Shimanto City Tourism Association telephone /0880-34-1555
          Canoe building telephone /0880-52-2121

    The rent-a-bicycle details are this

    Kimono Roy Roy gives rental kimono of Shimanto City free. We can take a walk through dressing, town of Little Kyoto in local drapery with kimono (or yukata) which we chose in Sightseeing Association.
    Yukata rental / yukata: 3,000 yen (1st)
            Kimono: 4,500 yen (1st)

    Inquiry / Shimanto City Tourism Association
    Telephone /0880-34-1555

    The KIMONOLOILOI details are this

Venue guidance in will country Kochi late Tokugawa period revolution Expo Shimanto City

Venue guidance in will country Kochi late Tokugawa period revolution Expo Shimanto City※Shimanto City Tourism Association went out the wicket of Nakamura Station from April 1, 2018 and moved to the left side of rotary in front.

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