• Renting Bicycles We see the sights while feeling nature of Shimanto City to be slowly leisurely to destination
  • Walk Shimanto without LuggageWe see the sights only with baggage slowly than we see the sights with big baggage
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Shimanto River photo collection

Recent and Upcoming Events
  • Shimantogawa Hanakikou Autumn Leaves

    Every Sunday during period, we sell products of Shimanto River around black god to adore Bridge.

  • Ichijo Festival

    Ichijo Festival is performed grandly since erection of Ichijo Shinto shrine was carried out in 1862 (Bunkyu 2), and various events are performed for three days and are boiled up one of 3, Tosa big festivals.

Hospitality taxi
Shimanto River bus & tour sightseeing bus Shimanto, ashizuriDo you not enjoy Shimanto, sokusuri area on local bus?
KIMONO LOILOI- kimonoroiroi -
Do you not walk Little Kyoto Nakamura with kimono, yukata?
Shimanto River bus & tour sightseeing bus Shimanto, ashizuri
Shimanto, ashizuri
Shimanto Lovers
Issuance of Ryoma passport duties start
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  • It is Shimanto shop of sightseeing, play beech and others souvenir, meal in Shimanto River
  • If it is Shimanto River sightseeing, blue (Shimanto meet) of pleasure boat Shimanto is recommended! | Shimanto River only orthodox school punting sightseeing pleasure boat offering two subsidence bridge of drama location
  • [formal HP] Shin Royal Hotel Shimanto | For sightseeing for business! For staying of Shimanto area
  • Shimanto hyakusho kampani | "Shimanto hyakusho kampani" is site where ... and others made Southwest Kochi, various information including product, sightseeing, the history of Hata area
  • gokurosan | KHK – Shimanto City | Wedding chairmanship, sound, picture, advertisement substitution, rent-a-bicycle hataji
  • It is | to inn [living in peace hermitage] built in Shiroyama of Kochi Shimanto Maine
  • [Rakuten market] Party goods mail order specialty store. Costume play clothes, wig, mask etc shortest shipment! : Party goods cracker Kaneko [top page]